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Great speeches captivate an audience, but after the applause we go back to our office and do what we did before. This is not how to create results or produce lasting change.


Instead, our workshops are guided journeys where people discover and experience the ideas and outcomes themselves. There are no passive participants. This highly interactive approach keeps people engaged, allows them to reflect on their lives and choices, thus leading to lasting personal transformation. 

I was first shown the power of experiential education teaching Leadership Mountaineering courses for Outward Bound. In the twenty years since then I've developed incredibly powerful learning tools by working with literally thousands of students in environments ranging from university classrooms to Alaskan glaciers.

Some of my favorite research on the power of experiential learning comes from the Stanford University Graduate School of Education. Stanford proved it is 400% more effective than traditional speech/lecture based learning methods.



This is the golden age in the science of leadership and success.


In the past, we relied on theories about how the brain learns and why people act the way they do. However, now we have incredible scientifically verified evidence proving what actually works and what does not.


Drawing on this vast wealth of innovative research, this training is intentionally designed to produce maximum results.

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